Students learn to multiply numbers with one or more digits, such as 56 x 7. The first step is to line up the numbers vertically so that the units digits are in the same column. Next, multiply 6 x 7 to get 42, which is the same as 4 tens and 2 ones. So put a 2 in the units column and carry a 4 to the tens column. Next, multiply 5 x 7 to get 35, then add the 4 that was carried to the tens column to get 39. So 56 x 7 = 392. Note that the answer to a multiplication problem is called the product, so the product of 56 x 7 is 392. Students also learn to multiply numbers with two or more digits, such as 21 x 43, by creating two rows of products and adding the rows.



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